Messy untidiness was yesterday:

Waste bins and cleaning products can be organised neatly too. We can give helpful advice on how to make waste disposal and cleaning a tidy matter.

  • Advice for a really neat solution....

    Advice for a really neat solution....

    You can benefit from space saving, neatly organised and secure storage for all of your household helpers and utensils.

Tip no. 1: include a drawer under your sink for cleaning products and utensils. Strategically speaking, the best place for them.

Tip no. 2: treat yourself to a drawer with a waste system. This gets rid of unsightly bins in the kitchen and lets you sort and dispose of waste at a central point.

Tip no 3: choose a waste system that suits your kitchen and your work flows. Let us now introduce you to a variety of cleverly designed waste systems.

Simply hang on in there
Shown here, four waste bins in two sizes are suspended in a frame system, clearly set out and easy to remove. Matching lids are optionally available.

Cuts a good figure in the drawer
Easily removed, the sealable waste bins fit in the front pull-out. Various sizes are available, depending on the size of the drawer. The removable plastic trays or mats keep everything securely in place and are easy to clean.

Extra large, user friendly system
These waste bins come with a particularly high capacity. They are so practical to use because the drawer with waste system moves out all the way and moves back in again softy and gently. The lid with anti-slip coating is fitted directly in the cabinet body and can be used as an extra surface to stand items on.

Not all dishwashers are the same

A word of advice: make sure you maximise the ergonomics! Hettich inside puts an end to all the bending.

Emptying the bottom rack in the dishwasher without having to bend down – how's that supposed to work? Very easily! The innovative technology from Hettich raises the bottom rack to the ergonomic height of the top rack. This means dishes can be loaded and emptied without putting any strain on your back.

Involving no unnecessary steps, emptying the dishwasher is done in a jiffy.

For example, if the cutlery drawer is positioned right next to the dishwasher and frequently used tableware is kept in the cupboard above. As we said, everything intelligently planned!

Advice: give thought to your habits and routines when planning your kitchen. This makes it so much easier to get the layout just right for appliances and kitchen cabinetry.

Easy to clean / self cleaning ovens with Hettich inside

Tip no. 1: modern ovens with non stick interiors are also available with pull-outs for cake racks and baking trays. The runners easily pull out and are coated for effortless cleaning.

Tip no. 2: you only need to remove a little ash from pyrolysis ovens that burn off all food residues at 500°C. Even with this type of oven, there's no need to go without user friendly pull-outs.


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