Reckon you've never come across products from Hettich before?

Far from it. You probably come into contact with them every day. It's just that you don't realise you do.

Built into furniture of all kinds, Hettich products are usually invisible. But they are no less essential for that. Because whenever a cabinet door opens, a drawer is pulled out or furniture elements move in other ways, Hettich is usually behind the movement. Hettich fittings provide convenient and reliable operation in millions of furniture applications.

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Liebherr refrigerators

  • Quadro Compact pull-outs & refrigerator hinges
  • Note: built in refrigerators with Prime Bio Fresh compartments and Peak come with our fittings.

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V-ZUG dishwashers

  • ComfortSwing lift system (OptiLift with V-Zug) & Quadro for dishwashers

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AEG / Electrolux dishwashers

  • ComfortSwing lift system (ComfortLift with AEG)

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Quadro oven runners for Electrolux ovens

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