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Why make life in the kitchen harder than it needs to be? Simply put an end to clutter in drawers and the bother of rummaging about. Intelligently structured interior organisation saves time and money and also makes life so much easier. And with enhanced ergonomics in the kitchen, you can take more care of yourself. Your kitchen's drawers suddenly hold much more too because optimum use is now made of storage space.
Here you'll find interior organisation that best suits you and your ideas on design.


Creating an impression of quality, wood looks classy on the inside too

This wooden interior organiser system lets you add homely features while also harmonising wonderfully well with purist design. The various modules can be combined in any chosen way, letting you configure drawers exactly as you choose.

Classy wooden interior organisation that can be taken out. From drawer to table or worktop: handled wooden boxes look good everywhere and help to keep work flows moving in the kitchen.  Stored provisions are easily and quickly taken to wherever they happen to be needed.

Your new kitchen, your individually tailored interior organisers made of wood

When it comes to organising drawers, we can provide all sorts of versatility rather than rigid standard solutions. The modular elements of the wooden interior organiser system can be put together in any way you choose. How many compartments do you want your cutlery drawer to have? The choice is yours. Whether narrow or wide – every drawer can be textured with the classy wooden elements. And if any spaces are left in between, these can be used as additional practical storage.

Interior organisation for purists

Designer steel cutlery trays are available in white, anthracite or silver and can be matched to suit the drawer's colour finish. You can even combine steel and timber

Everything wonderfully organised. Anything missing? Whether tins, bags, glass jars or boxes: this is where all provisions are neatly stored. Our practical interior organiser system (bottom row of photos) for drawers  can be adapted as chosen and also withstand any amount of wear and tear in permanent kitchen use. 

Secure hold and versatility for large items:

This versatile interior organisation system is ready for use in just a few simple steps and can be adapted to suit every purpose at any time: using adapters, a cross profile is attached to the inside drawer panels. Lengthwise dividers can be positioned on the cross profile wherever you choose.


Popular classic: plastic inserts

Not all plastic inserts are the same: with preshaped plastic inserts (top row of photos), there's not much left to plan. In it, there's a place for everything, from wooden spoon to small items. The plastic trays can be fitted with wooden elements. This not only looks good, it adds a touch of individuality. A modular cutlery tray (middle row of photos) provides huge storage flexibility because it doesn't take up all the space in the drawer. Still plenty of space on the right and left, such as for cutting boards or cutlery.

Can be varied over the entire length or width. This interior organisation (bottom row of photos) with adjustable lengthwise or crosswise dividers can be used to structure the drawer as required. The lengthwise or crosswise dividers can be positioned in any way to create compartments of different sizes. Whether flexible or rigid, large or small food packets: this interior organisation gives you variability.

Versatile interior organisation can be as easy as this

At least two plastic profiles need gluing to both opposite drawer inner panels. Now clip connectors into the profiles and insert the lengthwise or crosswise dividers that are made of various materials. This also makes the whole thing very creative.


Carefully considered waste management

Waste needn't be instantly on display. We make easy work of sorting waste with cleverly designed solutions for all sorts of fitting situations. Whether in pull-outs behind a front panel or behind hinged doors.

Panel mounted system: shown here, four waste bins (top row of photos) in two sizes are suspended in a frame system, clearly set out and easy to remove. Matching lids are optionally available.
Base mounted system: the sealable waste bins fit in the front pull-out (bottom row of photos) and are also easy to remove. Various sizes are available, depending on the size of the drawer. The removable plastic trays or mats keep everything securely in place and are easy to clean.

Versatile and accommodating: with the Hettich Actro over extension runner, this waste system (middle row of photos) can be opened to an extremely wide angle and softly closed again. Its waste bins come with a huge capacity and close perfectly with the lid fitted in the cabinet body. With an easy to clean anti slip coating, this lid can be used as an additional storage surface for items, such as washing up utensils 


I'm tired of the mess in my drawers and kitchen cabinets. Until I landed here on, I never imagined how much easier it can be in the kitchen and had no idea of the many options there are for organising interiors. I'm now planning the inside of my new kitchen intelligently too.


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