Right on trend: the utility room

More and more, modern homes are being built with a utility room. The more jobs a utility room needs to do, the more intelligently it should be organised. Done this way, you can store an astonishing amount in the smallest of spaces: washing machine, tumble dryer, laundry, iron, cleaning things and so on. We're now going to show you how it works.

Folding doors open to a particularly wide angle and provide convenient access to the washing machine and tumble dryer. The appliances are hidden from view again just as quickly.

Room to manoeuvre is important for efficient movement sequences and absolutely essential in small utility rooms. 

This is why the doors on this tall element unit can be completely retracted into the cabinet body. 

In most cases, storage surfaces are rare. 

Here, pull-out shelves have been integrated into the cabinet. That's not only practical, it's ergonomic too.

No space? No problem! This utility room is the perfect solution for anyone without an extra room because of lacking space.


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